Your Gift Powers: Engagement; Hope; Companionship

By Danny Levy,  Director of Development

     Be the start of something powerful.  Here at home and around the world, Federation works to support, sustain and revitalize Jewish life.  But we can’t do it without you.  Your contribution is what makes everything possible, enabling us to meet the needs of people in ways no any other organization can or will.


     Federation powers the Jewish community in ways you might not think, from sending PJ Library books to families worldwide to supporting Jewish camps, Birthright trips & more!  But it can’t happen without you.


     Federation powers the Jewish community in ways you might think of it, in places you’d never suspect – from stocking food banks in war-torn communities to providing meals for seniors here at home.  But we can’t do it without you.


     Where there is suffering, Federation provides hope.  We go where we’re needed, helping individuals and communities rebuild their lives.  But we can’t be there without you.


     Goodness is not a single act.  It’s the sum of many parts.  Which is why Federation is always at work, powering the Jewish community in ways you might not think of, in places you’d never suspect.  We’re there in times of crisis, sowing the seeds of hope.  We’re there in quiet moments that transform lives and strengthen our legacy.  Right now, thousands of people need us in a multitude of ways.  This is your moment to help.  Join us, and be the start of something powerful.
     Jewish learning is a torch that illuminates our history and our future.  Federation works to keep the flame burning bright.  From a Passover storybook that arrives on the doorstep of an interfaith family – to a scholarship that helps a child attend day school.  From Hebrew classes at the AJCC – to insights gleaned at our Jewish Film Festival, your gift helps power Jewish learning in endless ways.
     How does faith fit into your life?  What does being Jewish mean?  Your gift helps people of all ages and backgrounds discover their own personal answers – through Birthright trips, community gatherings and more.  As they learn, we’re learning, too: how to modernize traditions to keep them relevant, while preserving their meaning.  As people awaken to the power and promise of their Jewish identity, new seeds are planted, and our legacy is strengthened.
     In the midst of suffering, Federation can offer strength.  Here at home and in more than seventy countries worldwide, we go where the needs are greatest – supporting communities working to rebuild in the wake of natural or financial disasters, and ensuring that families in crisis are never without food, clothing, shelter, warmth or medicine.
     Donate today, and be the start of something powerful, visit or contact Danny Levy, 562-426-7601 ext. 1007.

Case Study  

     Hurricane Harvey – one of the most devastating hurricanes on record in U.S. history – delivered some of its worst blows to Houston, Texas’s Jewish community. Nearly three-quarters of the city’s Jewish population live in areas that received extensive flooding, and nearly every Jewish-owned business and institution has felt the impact in some way. 

     There were 17,000 people in need of rescue. The homes of 2,000 families in the Houston Jewish community were destroyed. Beth Yeshurun lost its school, offices, sanctuary — their synagogue — their one communal home — the home to countless weddings and b’nai mitzvahs.
     A trillion gallons of water fell over four days, destroying homes, neighborhoods, and cherished community institutions. It was apparent that we needed to be there — to help, to hug, to listen, to rebuild, and to make an impact.
     I was with the first Federation team on site, along with my Houston colleagues — many victims themselves. Then we did what Federation does best: We got to work. We created a command center of support for the entire Houston Jewish Community — and beyond!
     We worked long days to help the people of Houston. We arranged financial assistance. Provided day care options for children so that their parents could go back to work. Organized volunteers to do much-needed cleaning work in homes. Helped rabbis support their congregants. Unloaded deliveries from across the country at the distribution center. There was no task too big or too small. 
     And there was no way any one community could have done this on their own. But the incredible thing was — they didn’t have to. When disaster hits, our Jewish Federation family stands together.  
     In just a few weeks, nearly $15M of the estimated $30M needed was raised to support this community in need. It was amazing. Houston not only had the support of the entire Federation movement — they also received a huge, unprecedented $1M grant from the government of Israel.
     You know, for years we’ve been talking about the future of Federation. Whether or not young people can find ways to connect to an “umbrella” organization.
     But it’s times like these when I know I’m part of a strong and dynamic collective.  
     Something that truly changes and saves lives... showing how strong we are when we work together as one. It’s these moments of tremendous solidarity that remind us of why the collective will continue for generations to come.
     It’s why we are there, time and time again, for Jews everywhere. When they need to be supported. When they need to rebuild. And when they need to be strengthened.  Year after year. For 86 years.
We need to keep coming together to help our Jewish community recover from this disaster and from ones in the future.
     It’s because of you that we are “am echad, b’lev echad.” One people. One heart. One strong, vibrant movement. 
- Excerpt from Becky Sobelman-Stern, Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles